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Mechanical winding wire, coiling cable, spooling wire -Okcoil
Home Operational Guide Application Area

Application Area of Rolling Ring Linear Drive

Typical Applications
Spooler with linear slide and wire guide used by a wire and cable manufacturer
Reciprocating roll cleaning system used in a discrete manufacturing process

Mechanical alternatives to other linear motion methods, Okcoil "Rolling Ring" linear drives simplify design, set-up and operation in repetitive, back-and-forth linear motion processes. Automatic reversal and linear speed are controlled independently of motor speed and direction -- without electronics.

Many linear drive systems offering automatic reversal of the drive head, and the ability to adjust linear speed, require a variety of costly components. These include control systems, sensors, clutches, encoders, reversible variable-speed motors, and gear boxes.

The Okcoil linear drive is different.

An Okcoil rolling ring linear drive assembly enables automatic reversal, and permits changes to linear speed, without relying on complex control systems and programming. Drive head travel direction is controlled independently of the rotational direction or speed of the shaft. This makes clutches, cams and gears unnecessary.

A rolling ring linear drive is typically supplied within a production framework ready to connect to a drive motor.

The Okcoil linear drive runs on a smooth shaft. Stroke length is variable using easily adjusted end stops. There are no clogged or jammed threads to contend with. Rolling ring bearings eliminate backlash and a free movement lever lets you slide the drive to any point on the shaft without having to turn the system on.

Especially suited for winding and spooling
When used to guide material back and forth onto a spool, the RG is particularly advantageous. Rather than having to stop the traversing system to reverse the linear drive, a rolling ring system automatically reverses while the drive motor continues to rotate at a constant speed in one direction. Additionally, once linear pitch is set on a rolling ring drive, the linear speed of the traverse automatically synchronizes with the take-up spool rotation regardless of how fast or slow the motor is operating. A simple pulley system may be used to link the drive motor with the linear drive shaft rather than use a second motor for the linear drive.


Applications Area
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