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Traverse unit, Rolling ring drive, Linear motor manufacturer, Okcoil company
Home About Okcoil

Welcome to Okcoil - Professional Linear Motor Manufacturer

Okcoil Machinery Company is a professional linear motor manufacturer which specializes in making traverse unit, rolling ring drive, linear motor drive. Okcoil has been the first choice for thousands of chinese factories since 1985 when Okcoil invented the first rolling ring linear drive. Now thousands of customers from all over the world are using okcoil products.

Okcoil rolling ring linear drives deliver high performance for a variety of linear motion control application for reciprocating, positioning and indexing linear motion operations, for example they can be used in manufacturing equipment requiring a linear motion component such as winding (cable, wire & fiberoptic), slicing, spooling, positioning, indexing, slitting, spraying, loading, scanning, transferring, measuring, converting, packaging, material handling and a variety of other machines. Rolling ring linear drive is a effective type of linear actuator.

Okcoil rolling ring linear drives do not require programming or complex controls in order to reverse travel direction. The linear speed of the traverse is adjustable without changing gears. Special enhancements to improve accuracy and efficiency in linear motion are available. Okoil rolling ring drives are unmatched at lowering production and maintenance costs while boosting productivity.

Use Okcoil linear drive now, enhance performance, lower your cost at once!

In broader linear motion markets, such as the OEM design engineering market, Okcoil provides expert rolling ring linear motion guidance to explain when and how to use Okcoil rolling ring technology to improve productivity and efficiency. Now our products have been sold all over the world. Continuously renewed and updated, the third generation products of aluminium alloy with the craftsmanship and technology introduced from Germany deliver superior performances.

Based on the managerial strategy of human-friendliness and technical innovation, Okcoil has independently developed and produced CNC machines, such as milling & boring machines, plathes. We also supply wire and cable machines, such asJSH series high speed arch wire bunching machines, 630-800 arch cable forming machines, CQJ series coiling machines, 800-1600 active pay-off/coiling systems, GS series H-shape wheeled take-up frames, JR280 digital controlled precision winding machine, BZ300 wires and cables wrapping machines and MH Series barrel-type quincunx bobbin winders.

With many machining equipments and great machining capability, our machining plant also provides a variety of machining services. Now we have owned planers, milling & boring machines, lathes, CNC flame cutting machines, hydraulic machines, linear cutting machines, grinders, welders, automatic clipper, pipe coiling machines, gear hobbing machines, etc. We can make various kinds of machines according to your drawings.

With the unswerving marketing philosophy "Of High Quality, with best reputation and for paramount customers", we have established a wide after-sale service network. The timely and accessible service has won our customers' unanimous high appraisals. Our old and new customers' cooperations are cordially welcome to create a brilliant future together.

Add: 18 Hu Ju Road, Nanjing 210011 China Msn: okcoil@hotmail.com Skype: okcoil Web: www.okcoil.com