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Mounting the Shaft

To prevent the shaft from being blocked by the dustproof sheath at the both ends of the traverse housing when mounting the shaft, you shall adjust the sheath hole first, and then put the release lever in released position before the shaft is, in series, put through the deadeyes of several bearings inside the traverse housing, and finally put the release lever back in the working position.

Determining Direction of Rotation

 The downward turning of the shaft when facing the scale dial is defined as the positive rotation, in which case the trigger roller of the reversal arm shall point to the side where the scale dial is. While the upward turning of the shaft when you looking in front of scale dial is reverse rotation and in such case the trigger roller of the reversal arm shall point to the backward side of the traverse housing so that the reversal of the traverse drive can be realized. The product is normally assembled with the shaft turning positively when leaving the factory.

Rotation Speed of Shaft

 The take-up bobbin speed shall be higher than the shaft speed of the traverse drive. The speed ratio available ranges from 5:1 to 1:1.Ifthe wire size is small the ratio will be large and If the wire size is large the ratio will be small.

Traverse Travel

 Adjust the positions of two reversal end stops on the lead screw to make the reciprocating travel match the position and length of the take-up bobbin

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