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Product Features

Stepless Speed regulation: 

With no need to change the rotation speed of the shaft, just a push to the indicator on the scale dial will allow you to adjust the speed of reciprocating motion of traverse drive on the shaft so that requirement for the accurate regulation of the traverse pitch can be met.

Instantaneous Reversal: 

With no need to change the shaft direction of rotation, the traverse drive will instantly move in the reverse direction when the reversal trigger roller snaps the (reversal) end stop.

Release Feature

 With no need to stop the rotation of the shaft, just a turning of the release lever for 90 degrees in the direction as the arrow indicates will stop the traverse drive from automatic movement, and the traverse drive can be pushed freely along the shaft.

High Traverse Speed: 

The shaft speed of rotation can be up to 1000rpm, so it can meet the operational requirement for the high traverse speed and the frequent traverse.


OK rolling ring traverse units do not require programming or complex controls in order to reverse travel direction. The linear speed of the traverse is adjustable without changing gears. Special enhancements to improve accuracy and efficiency in linear motion are available. OK rolling ring drives are unmatched at lowering production and maintenance costs while boosting productivity.

In broader linear motion markets, such as the OEM design engineering market, SOHO provides expert rolling ring linear motion guidance to explain when and how to use OK rolling ring technology to improve productivity and efficiency. Now our products have been sold all over the world. Continuously renewed and updated, the third generation products of aluminium alloy with the craftsmanship and technology introduced from Germany deliver superior performances.

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