The first brand Rolling Ring Drive in China, create the best value for customers.


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top view of rolling ring drive
1. Guide Roller 2. Mounting Surface 3. Adjustable Bolt 4. Theadless Shaft 5. Point of Scale
6. Pitch Selection Scale 7. Bearing Block 8. Belt Pulley 9. Free-movement Lever
10. Reversal Mechanism 11. Rail 12. Adjustable End Stop 13. Roller of Reversal Mechanism
14. Dust ring 15. Roller of Steady Bar 16. Steady Bar
Dimensions( mm) and Technical Details
dimensions of traverse untis

1) The length of the shaft can specially made if requested by customer.  You can find the standard length in the chart.

2) The formula: S1= the distance of reciprocating motion + L + 60

3) g1 is adjustable within a certain scope.

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