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SOHO Machinery Factory is a professional manufacturer which is specialized in making rolling ring linear drives (rolling ring drive, traverse unit, linear actuators, linear motion assemblies) in China.  Our products are used in linear motion control applications for a variety of reciprocating, positioning and indexing linear motion operations, for example they can be used in manufacturing equipment requiring a linear motion component such as winding (cable, wire & fiberoptic), slicing, spooling, positioning, indexing, slitting, spraying, loading, scanning, transferring, measuring, converting, packaging, material handling and a variety of other machines.  OrientKnight (OK) has been the first brand and the first choice for thousands of Chinese machinery factories requiring rolling ring linear drives since SOHO Machinery Factory made the first one in 1985. 

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rolling ring linear drive

Rolling Ring Drive
Type: OKB-4I
Description: OKB-4I series rolling ring drives are divided six types according to the diameter of the shafts.

rolling ring drive

Rolling Ring Drive
Type: OKA-5
Description:OKA-5 series rolling ring drives  have four rolling rings inside their case, which can supply double thrust force.

rolling ring traverse units

Rolling Ring Drive
Type: OKB-4II
Description: One rolling ring drive type OKB includes one OKA rolling ring drive and one set of guide roller.

Rolling Ring Drive
Type: OKC-2I

   1 . Type OKA-3
   2.  Type OKA-4
   3.  Type OKA-5
   4. Type OKB-2I
   5. Type OKB-2II
   6 . Type OKB-2III
   7. Type OKC-2I
   8 . Type OKC-2II
   9 . Type OKC-2III


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